Oxley Law Office was founded in August of 1948 by George “Garver” Oxley, Esquire. Garver was born in January 1919. He attended Findlay College for whom he swam and played football, lettering in both. Garver then played football for the Detroit Lions for a short period of time and began law school (interrupted by his service in World War II). During his long career (of almost 50 years) he was Justice of the Peace for Hancock County, ran for State Senate, and was Hancock County Prosecutor for many years. Garver continued in the private practice of law, primarily in the areas of civil defense and trial work. Garver Oxley died in 1997. For over sixty years the Oxley firm has been primarily involved in litigation throughout Northwest Ohio.  


In 1968, Allan H. Davis, Esquire, became an associate with the firm. The firm was ultimately reconfigured into Oxley & Davis.


The firm was then joined by Michael G. Oxley, Esquire, son of Garver Oxley, who had graduated from Miami University in 1966 and from The Ohio State University, College of Law, in 1969. Michael had spent approximately two years with the FBI and then returned to the Hancock County area. He practiced in the law firm of Oxley & Davis from 1971 through 1981. In that time frame he also served as State Representative for the 82nd Congressional District for the State of Ohio. In July of 1981, Michael Oxley was elected to Congress where he served as Congressman for the Fourth District, comprised of eleven counties in Northwest Ohio. He retired from Congress in 2006. Michael G. Oxley died in 2016.
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In 1974, Allan H. Davis ran for Hancock County Probate Judge and was elected as the youngest Common Pleas Judge in the State of Ohio. In January 1974, the firm was joined by Michael J. Malone. Michael graduated from Ohio Northern University, College of Law, in 1973. Michael had worked as an attorney for the Kissell Company, a mortgage banker, then located in Springfield, Ohio. Since 1974 Mr. Malone has been involved in litigation. His primary areas are civil litigation for plaintiffs and defendants, medical malpractice, and domestic relations. In 1974, the firm was again reconfigured to Oxley, Oxley & Malone, and remained as such until approximately 1980.


Robert B. Hollister joined the firm. He graduated from the University of South Dakota in 1962. From 1963 through 1974, he was employed by G.A.B., Inc. as an insurance claims adjuster. He managed their offices in Findlay, Ohio, Kalamazoo, MI and Buffalo, NY. In 1976, he obtained his law degree from Ohio Northern University, College of Law. His primary areas of practice are civil litigation for plaintiffs and defendants, insurance defense and business law with emphasis on agricultural and utility corporations and cooperatives.


Julie Davenport, Esquire, joined the firm, specializing in the areas of appellate practice. Julie graduated from the University of Toledo, College of Law, in 1979. Prior to joining this law firm, Julie had worked with Lawyers Co-op Publishing Company in New York and clerked for the Ohio Supreme Court, Justice Brown and Justice Douglas. Julie continues to work for the firm to this date.


Bradley S. Warren, Esquire, joined the firm. Bradley was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. He attended Ohio Wesleyan University in Delaware, Ohio, obtaining an undergraduate degree in economics, cum laude, in 1992. Thereafter, he graduated from Ohio Northern University, College of Law, in 1995. Brad became a partner with the law firm in 2001. Brad works primarily in such areas as personal injury, civil defense and criminal defense.


After having been employed as a law clerk for the firm while in law school, Bret A. Spaeth, Esquire joined the firm as an associate attorney. Bret is a native of Findlay, having graduated from Findlay High School in 1989. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Miami University in 1993, and his law degree from the University of Toledo in 1997. Bret became a partner with the firm in 2008, and his practice is primarily in the areas of personal injury claims, domestic relations and criminal defense.


In May 2002, the firm became Oxley, Malone & Hollister, P.L.L. Michael J. Malone, Robert B. Hollister and Bradley S. Warren are all partners. Julie Davenport is “of counsel”.


Michael E. O'Malley of Ottawa, Ohio, joined the firm to become Oxley, Malone, Hollister, O'Malley & Warren, P.L.L. Michael had practiced for over 30 years in Ottawa, Ohio and prior to that was a Special Agent with the FBI in New York and Boston, Massachusetts. Michael is a 1965 graduate of Georgetown University and went to Case Western Reserve Law School in 1968. Michael also sits as part-time Putnam County Court Judge.

Bret A. Spaeth became a partner of Oxley, Malone, Hollister, Warren, & Spaeth, PLL.


Joseph R. Balega, Esquire, became an associate. Joe had practiced law in Findlay, Ohio since 1987 and was the owner of Golden Key Title Agency, Inc. from May 1997 until he associated with Oxley, Malone, Hollister, O'Malley & Warren. Joe was a 1982 graduate of Rutgers University with a law degree from Ohio Northern University in 1986.

Oxley Law and Golden Key Title Agency, Inc. merged.


Drew A. Wortman became an associate attorney.


Elizabeth A. Behrendt became an associate attorney, a position she held until she was appointed to magistrate at the Hancock County Common Pleas Court.


Lidia B. Ebersole became an associate attorney. Lidia has since moved to a law firm in Toledo, Ohio.